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 Rachel Boggs, RN

Hello, i'm 

I guide men and women in activating their intuition, reclaiming body autonomy, and finding joy in the temple of the body. 

Understanding yourself on a soul level is the key to actualizing your dreams. 

You were born to live from your heart and experience a life of abundant alignment. 



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With a host of intergrative somatic practice offerings, my goal is to bring you into deeper connection to your body and breath. As we release emotional tension, we gain a greater sense of freedom, vitality, and trust in ourselves. The ocean within is your compass.

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Join me on a Retreat

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Upcoming Retreat:

"Love Covers All"

August 1-5, 2024

Ocean Springs, MS

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radical & embodied self love:

is about facing heads on the dark facets of ourselves that we don't share and/or keep hidden within.

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