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I am so blessed to work with the creative energy of the female body, bring community together and stand as a mentor for those seeking clarity and healing in their life.


I’ve learned all of these tools through my own personal trials and tribulations which lead to following breadcrumbs, eye witness frustrations with the healthcare system, and deep seated grief of what the modern healthcare system has taken away from those who know what true medicine is.


I have been lead by a higher power with fierce devotion to boldly whisper a remembrance into the hearts of those who are ready to remember this life is a gift.


I am a Women’s Health Registered Nurse, founder of Resilient Roots, and international retreat host. I am truly in awe of the potential one can allow to unfold when we create a field of resonance in our bodies.


I am so passionate about cultivating awareness of how truly miraculous life was always meant to be. I draw upon the awe of life being a mother, devoted wife and friend to many.



I began my work as a Women’s Health Registered nurse in a hospital setting. As I watched hundreds of women give their power away, not know how to breathe, or guide themselves through initiations such as child birth in trust of their bodies— I knew something was missing.


My heart called out for something deeper and the ability to serve others from the place of my authentic soul lead passion.


I was lead to meet many amazing mentors that taught me about energy medicine, sacred anatomy, and sacred sound used to create resonance in the body. I further went on to study with the world’s leaders in these arts such as Tami Lynn Kent— author of “The Wild Feminine”, Ted Talk speaker, and world renowned “vagina whisperer”. I have sat with new thought leaders in round table discussions such as Dr. Larry Farwell, author of “The Science of Creating Miracles” and Dr. Anthony Palombo, author of “Sacred Anatomy”. I studied with the International Sound Healing Academy under the guidance of Fran Clarke. I was trained under the Sacred Breath Academy with Kaya Leigh using miraculous power of our breath.


I have personally witnessed my life radically transform as I was given the tools to heal, clear, and revolutionize my life in a holistic way in every single area of relating.

I believe life was meant to be lived as a ceremony as our elders once knew and practiced.


Venturing far and wide, I have been blessed to paint a transformative touch across the landscapes of Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and the very heart of beloved Louisiana. My journey has also lead me to be a part of transformational experiences in Mexico and Costa Rica. 


With a heart that radiates boundless enthusiasm, it is my prayer to usher in a new era of understanding and connection, where every breath becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of life.


So join me in this exhilarating journey, where the soul's tapestry is woven with threads of love, vitality, and immeasurable exuberance through integrative somatic practices.

It is my deepest prayer to be able to serve you in a holistic way. 

What are you waiting for?

Let's work together!

With sincere reverence,

Rachel Leighann Boggs 

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