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 Sacred Breathwork

Breath is the carrier wave of life itself, the bridge between spirit and matter, the conscious and the unconscious, and the chariot of the soul.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is considered to be one of the most advanced techniques of self-mastery on the path to embodied ascension, and a straight arrow to spiritual metamorphosis.

Breathwork is the key which unlocks the remembrance of who who are are on the deepest level- our soul essesence, activating the gateway to the grail within.

Conscious Connected Breathwork allows us to remember who we are on the most organic and delicate level, 

as it seeks to clear all that stands in the way of our most vibrant human expression and uninhibited embodiment.


The Sacred Breath Method is a gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. Through the unfathomable intelligence of breath (or spirit), the breather is guided on a personal journey into their being (or soul) through a safe and intentional container. The SBM rebalances the emotional body, heals the pain body and activates one’s higher soul expression. It allows one to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs (catharsis) through a somatic pilgrimage (or journey) into self.


Many who have worked this method of breathwork say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing.

The most important aspect to note with circular breathwork/conscious connected breathwork is that we are entering into an expanded (or non-ordinary) state of consciousness which ultimately allows us to penetrate the unconscious mind and shift the brainwave pattern. There are many forms of circular breathwork but what’s unique about our method (The Sacred Breath Method) is that it activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) response (also known as rest, restore, and recalibrate). It should be understood that exclusively nose-inhale cycles (like ours) or purely diaphragmatic breathing are what activates the PNS. Otherwise, mouth-inhale circular breathwork actually activates the sympathetic or "fight or flight" state.

Circular Breathwork, is an avenue to safely and artfully explore our emotional landscape in a safe container of compassionate witness and non-judgment. In essence, breath teaches us how to create space for it all— to meet ourselves there, to love ourselves there, and to welcome in and embrace our totality. Breath also teaches us to re-inhabit our bodies, reclaim our essential truth and recalibrate our  nervous system back into balance. 

Circular Breathwork allows us to break out of the overthinking mind, or “monkey” mind, (beta brainwave) and enter into a higher brainwave (alpha, theta or occasionally gamma brainwave) i.e. an expanded state of consciousness. Here, you may access the unconscious mind to unlock embedded imprints, programmed narratives or self-limiting beliefs for illumination. Essentially, we can become conscious to our unconscious influences. In this space, we are given the opportunity to resolve and transform the un-serving beliefs living in the subconscious which keep us marooned from our higher potentiality, purpose, power and genius. Circular Breathwork also allows us to tap into the limbic brain, where repressed emotions and memories are stored.

Trauma lives in the body. Everything that has ever happened to us (and up to 14 generations of our ancestry) lives in our cells (cellular memory), nervous systems and beyond. Additionally, breathwork will catalyze a powerful cellular healing process in the breather that is difficult to put into words and can only be experienced. Many call it “energy surgery”. Once the channels are fully open, breathwork may further take us into the mystical states of knowing, awareness and consciousness— deep into the heart of our most primordial soul essence, or what many refer to as the true self.

Wind in her Hair

Breathwork may be used for

  • Deep somatic healing

  • soothing and regulating the nervous system

  • Harmonize with the body temple and promote inner mind, body, spirit, emotional, energetic connection and healing

  • Create safety within the body

  • Reintegration of conscious connection and belonging within the body

  • Creation of new neural pathways and experiential somatic safety

  • Activate inner medicine and genius

  • Soul retrieval and inner reclamation

  • Increase clarity and focus

  • Elevate conciousness

  • Deliver more oxygen to the body for deep cellular healing

  • Allow skin to breathe

  • Promote digestion

  • Eliminate oxidative stress

  • Positively influence gene expression

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve sleep

  • And so much more!

Mother and Child on Beach

A note from Rachel, our Breathwork facilitator

When we are opening up ourselves to these deeper layers of soul retrieval work, it is very important to be able to trust the person who is holding space for such a deep level of healing to unfold. 

As a facilitator of The Sacred Breath Academy I have undergone extensive trauma informed training to hold you in fully attuned, safe, and sacred space with somatic safety at its core. By understanding the layers of trauma and its dynamic way of showing up, my training has taught me the importance of the breath technique, skillfully guiding you through your journey, and the sacred art of bringing you back from your journey with an emphasis on integration, final savasana, and time for recalibration so that your journey of rebirth can be fully unified within your body temple.

It is absolutely imperative that when choosing to engage in this type of breath medicine that you are confident in the method, the facilitator, guide and space-holder.

I combine my intricate studies of the body as a Registered Nurse and Holistic Practitioner of somatic arts into each session and journey to hold you in a space that is unparalleled with safety and integrity.


As a facilitator I bow deeply to the lineage of this work and medicine and it is of my deepest commitment to you that you will experience within this space together the freedom to fully explore, express and unleash your innermost suppressions, claiming liberation of your divine nature on the deepest of levels.

Ultimately, you are the medicine, and in this space will become your own inner healer.

Heart to heart, I see you, I honor you, we rise together.

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