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Sat, Jun 25


Lake Charles

Sacred Breathwork Group Session (Edgemont)

You don't want to miss this spectacular high vibrational container held with the intention of helping you find clarity, balance, and nervous system regulation stepping forth into summer!

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Sacred Breathwork Group Session (Edgemont)
Sacred Breathwork Group Session (Edgemont)

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2022, 6:00 PM – Jun 26, 2022, 9:00 PM

Lake Charles, 1800 Kirkman St, Lake Charles, LA 70601, USA

About the Event

ARE you feeling the call to greater alignment in your body, mind, spirit, and life?

Join us in the sacred space of the Edgemont Healing Center as we recalibrate our nervous system and step in to the codes of greater alignment with our highest self through the ancient art of Conscious Connected Breathwork.

In this artfully woven container of immense love and breath medicine, facilitator and founder of Resilient Roots Collective, Rachel Johnson, RN will guide us on an inner journey using the power of a nose-inhale breathwork technique learned from the Sacred Breath Academy.

This level of breathwork is a transformative and experiential self-healing modality utilizing the power of one's breath. It's the way of intuitive, fluid and uninhibited breathwork, as this creates spaciousness and freedom of expression for the breather within their personal process of healing, release, reclamation and activation.

Rachel will carry the medicine of somatic unwinding, trauma release, full-bodied catharsis, and nervous system regulation included in this artfully-wovenand intentional container of complete free-form/intuitive movement and sonic/somatic/emotional expression, guided by the intelligence of breath.

In this breathwork session we will incorporate a nourishing nose-inhale breath cycle, which is key to activating the parasympathetic (relaxation/rest & restore) nervous system response. We work with nose inhales because not only were our bodies intelligently designed to breathe through the nose, not the mouth, but nose-inhales are essential to enter into more restorative, receptive and parasympathetic states in our healing work, as this is how we re-train our nervous system to meet trauma or repressed content with more ease and openness.

The Sacred Breath Method is a gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound healing and transformative experiences can occur. Through the unfathomable intelligence of breath (or spirit), the breather is guided on a personal journey into their being (or soul) through a safe and intentional container.

In this session, we will  rebalance the emotional body, heal the pain body and activates one’s higher soul expression. This workshop will allow one to access higher states of awareness, spiritual wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs (catharsis) through a somatic pilgrimage (or journey) into self.

Many who have worked this method of breathwork say it is the next caliber of transpersonal healing and find it to be completely life-changing.

Pair this caliber of breathwork in a sacred space with ancient himalayan salt particles cocconing you in a cave of warmth, working collectively to heal and repair you on a multisensory level= true bliss.  We will call forth and alchemize the liquid rememberance of your divine, original blueprint through the art of inner journeying.

Moment by moment, breath by breath,     we weave a new paradigm and frequency on this planet,     becoming living, embodied vessels of heaven on earth and divinity manifest.  We are the seers of the new, the bridge between the words,     the visionaries who walk in truth, beauty and lucidity,  transmuting and transforming the old fear-based ways.  We are here to bring forth something so exquisitely indescribable,  so unfathomably beautiful, so deeply profound... It is why we exist at this time  and why we have come here.     

There is an infinite wellspring of divine and unbounded

creativity, genius, passion, ecstasy and vitality  awaiting each and every one of us, just on the other side of alchemizing      the inborn blocks of fear, resistance, and limiting belief structures

that prevent us from unlocking all that we are.

If we want to transform the world,   we must begin that transformation in ourselves,

something which births at the frequency level.  

To allow it to truly take shape within us, we must relinquish all fear-based programs that are still residing in our consciousness and instead harmonize ourselves with the new earth frequencies

which are entering our planet.   Here, we move into the zero point field of the human heart,  in which we become the eternal source code of our reality in every moment, living as sovereign, unified beings of infinite potentiality. If things in your life are crumbling at this time, it is all a part of the alchemical process.  As we must surrender the illusion for what we can become.  And we must hold the vision of the dazzling majesty which awaits us on the other side.

If these words speak to your soul, in full-bodied recognition and heartfelt congruence, we would love to invite you to join.


  • 25 minutes

    Intro to Breathwork

  • 2 hours 10 minutes

    Breathwork Ceremony + Integration

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