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Resilient Roots Collective

We are so happy that you found your way to our site! Do me a favor- for just one lovely second of your time and take a moment to think about how this life brought you to this exact moment in time, and what this life has shown you. Have you been listening, feeling like there was so much more to your life path journey, more to discover about life, healing, reconnecting, and remembering who you are below the surface of how you show up in the world? Listening and following the nudges from our holy spirits are what brought us to the same path you are on. Here in this exact moment. With love and devotion, welcome to our site. 


We are a collective of women and men who have found our way back home through grace. We believe everyone on the planet has the ability to awaken from the collective slumber and reach their highest level of creative potential, embodied and realized. We have gone through our own metamorphic deaths and initiatory battles to now be equipped with a host of modalities to help you anchor in your soul’s truth and calling, fully embodied. We weave a tapestry of medicine that is tailored to your personal needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Our events and retreats integrate a holistic model of alchemy, where you are held in the most tender of containers to allow all that no longer serves you to drift away into the seas of dissolution. We understand through our own personal growth and shedding of collective imprints how taxing this can be on the body, so we weave a high vibrational container to allow the shedding of what no longer serves you on your unique soul pilgrimage to be held in loving grace. We believe that life is meant to be lived in joy and pleasure and hold space for the tantric bliss of your radical self-acceptance. 


From tantric food journeys, ecstatic dance practices, conscious connected breathwork, nature immersions, inner child workshops, sound baths, sunrise and sunset yoga flows, cacao ceremonies, plant medicine ceremonies, body oiling workshops, and vocal toning to name a few, our retreats and events are one of a kind—always tailored to the needs of the collective of participants. Our retreats and events are infused with the highest vibration of love, compassion, safety and integrity. We are here for the anchored remembrance of your wild divinity.

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Rachel Leigh

Born in Louisiana, Rachel has been a Registered Nurse for 7 years and seeks to bridge the gap between western and eastern medicine. She has devoted studying the human body for the last 10 years and is trained in Conscious Connected Breathwork through the Sacred Breath Academy, Vibrational Sound Massage through the International Sound Healing Academy, and Tantric Embodiment practices. She leads transformational retreats, ecstatic dance classes and is a co-producer of a music festival in Louisiana, Feté Du Void. She seeks to embody the wild and holy together as one into a unified field of playfulness and JOY. She has apprenticed with medicine men and women for the last several years and traveled throughout Mexico and Central America studying with different plant and animal medicine shamans, as well as with the Native American culture. She has been a labor and delivery nurse for 7 years and studies pelvic health, womb alchemy, and discovered the medicine of the pelvic bowl for every day life, for healing, and as a portal for creativity and birthing. Her work includes sacred energy medicine to tend and repair the feminine field; it will transform your own way of being and seeks to teach women how to reclaim body sovereignty and how to work with the womb space. She is in service to the Earth and is passionately driven to serve men and women on their journey home, to see and embody the divinity that they are. She believes, LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER.


Lynlee Healy

Lynlee Healy is a Mississippi native who has studied extensively over the last 15 years the art and science of psychology, certified herbal consultant, shamanic arts, and weaves a tapestry of medicine as an attuned Reiki Master and shamanic drummer. She seeks to unveil and anchor the knowing that all are one, all are connected, and all is sacred through her private work. She is the manager of Jax-Zen Healing Center in Jackson, Mississippi and works 1:1 with clients to help them achieve transpersonal peace and quantum level healing.

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David Womack

Student of the earth, visionary artist and medicine man, David has traveled extensively in the remote jungles of Peru and studied master teacher plants high in the jungle. David is also a teacher of permaculture, as well as a guide in to nature based immersions and vision quests. David has led many transformational retreats in the wilderness which seeks to bring a child like essence rooted in authenticity and soul retrieval work. David has been a pioneer and activist of the earth helping to build regenerative retreat centers and nature schools in Washington, Peru and Costa Rica. David is the founder of  Rhythms of Nature, whose mission is to be caretakers of the Mother Earth as they connect others to nature and the authentic self while creating an organic foundation for the next generations to come.

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