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Conscious Connected Breathwork as a Catalyst to Expanded Awareness

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Conscious Connected Breathwork as a Catalyst to Expanded Awareness

The Sacred Breath Method or Conscious connected breathwork, developed by Kaya Leigh, is the chalice of descent into the subterranean layers of the body that are yearning to be uncurled, uncontracted, and expanded.

There are many forms of breathwork with titles ranging from shamanic breathwork, transformational breathwork, holotropic breathwork, clarity breathwork, tantric breathwork, kundalini breathwork, and many more. The method of breathwork I carry as a space holder allows for deep, subconscious cellular level healing using a form of circular breathing.

Research has shown that 90% of our daily lives are ran by the UNCONSCIOUS content that feeds our conscious mind, meaning we are operating from only 10% of conscious content. This waking state of mind means most of us are running our hardwire based on the content and stories that have imprinted on us from birth to the age 7 when our minds were sponges absorbing our world around us. We developed coping mechanisms and survival tactics from our environments, some of which are very poor. If there were any unhealthy relationship dynamics, abuse, trauma, neglect, shame, we developed ways to armor, shut down and ultimately wire the brain to only work to a certain level of vibrancy.

Not only are we coded from our environment, but the study of Epigenetics coined by David Nanney reveals to us that through our DNA, we are coded with signatures, also known as “ancestral imprints” that program our psychology and the way we engage in our world through inherited DNA that can be passed down from generation to generation. The Human Genome Project research also clarifies that through working with the subconscious content through breathwork, we are able to alter cellular functioning in the brain to allow a greater state of peace and relaxation in the body.

The SBM of conscious connected breathwork is one that entails a reset of the body mind complex. By increasing our oxygen levels through circular breathing over a longer period of time in a SAFE space with a HIGHLY attuned space holder, we are able to soften into the armored edges we have subconsciously built around our body. We are able to unravel our nervous system and journey beyond the rational mind, into expanded states of heightened awareness. Through this descent, we journey beyond the ego, and into the vast realm of the body template, the place where spirit and matter take form. Through conscious connected breathwork breathers are able to access repressed emotions, unhealed memories, experience personal forgiveness and forgiveness of others and gain greater insight and clarity on one’s purpose and mission and life.

Through this heightened space of softening and surrendering the body into a relaxed state, we welcome all our edges and armoring to fall off and be physically clearedout of the body as the lungs, aka respiratory system is one of the systems of the body responsible for purifying the blood and body. With this increased capacity to access a connection with our breath and body temple in a symbiotic dance of devotion, we are able to expand to be able to receive and hold greater levels of love, peace, overall wellbeing, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, experience (AT-ONE-MENT), and increase our perception of the dance between spirit and matter in our bodies. It should be noted, that the breath is the MASTER teacher, and it is an innate guide for those wishing to dislodge stored tension, unresolved trauma, and allow organic unwinding. The body keeps the score, and through this process of reconnection, a breather may feel the need to emote sounds, shake, dance, cry, or any other form of UNINHIBITED movement as the BREATH guides the breather on a journey deep within. Due to the caliber of this level of healing, it is always recommended that a breather have a highly attuned space holder present for safety who can hold a space of sovereignty and compassion for the breather.

Through this direct and experiential practice with the divine through the breath, the breather is able to regain sovereignty over ones thoughts and actions, connection to source, and level of trust in the body, mind, and actions.

The prayer is for you to reach this level of inner standing for yourself and the collective, as we are all just learning to walk each other home in safe and trauma informed ways during these galactic transitional global times as embodied vessels of love incarnate.

Job 34:14-15

14 If he should set his heart to it and gather to himself his spirit and his breath, 15 all flesh would perish together, and man would return to dust.

-Written by Rachel Leighann, Founder of Resilient Roots Collective



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