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Private Group Breathwork Session

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • $400.00
  • Location varies;

Service Description

Through an intentional, safe and artful increase in oxygen levels, we activate different capacities of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the sacred root of unresolved emotional imprints for reconciliation, integration and healing. Breathwork is a powerful tool that may bring us into direct contact with parts of our being that are not being fully acknowledged or seen. It allows us to call in and call home our hidden ego aspects; bring awareness to our emotional and energetic blockages, confront our limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs; and to hold deeply, with gentleness and care, our embedded traumas and/or core wounds. Connected breath shows us where we are unknowingly armoring against the endless life-force, creativity and vitality available to us now. It is important to understand that when we retrieve repressed parts of us through the breathwork process, we must be willing to honor them and give them the spaciousness of expression- as they simply want a voice too. These unseen parts yearn to be met and integrated, not further pushed down, rejected or bypassed. These can often be aspects of ourselves that we criticize, reject, abandon, or disassociate from. Yet through the breath, we are able to deeply reclaim, retrieve and integrate them on a soul level, bringing them back into our conscious awareness and real time embodiment. Through the breath, we may begin to return to our deepest knowing- who we always were, beneath the layers of conditioning, story and programmed response. This is the realm of our higher embodiment. We can then reawaken and re-enliven our unique personal medicine. We can reclaim and reinvigorate what lies dormant in our heart. We may also reconnect to our most exquisite soul essence, and rise into the fullness of who we are and why we came here. Through this work, we begin to show up in a radically different way; vibrant, enlivened, authentic, soul drenched; wildy free, and driven by love. We live a life true to ourselves. And we awaken our beautiful purpose on this planet."

Contact Details


1194 West Santa Fe Road, Oakdale, LA, USA

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